METHOD 401 W/32x10xR15 TENSOR DS


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Product Description


  • (4) 15×7 Method 401 Beadlock Wheels – 4x156mm 4+3
  • (4) 30x10x15 Tensor Regulator All Terrain Tires
  • (1) Set of Black Lug Nuts
  • Wheels & Tires Come Mounted

The 15″ Method 401 beadlock is one of the most popular UTV beadlock wheels on the market. It comes as a 7″ wide wheel with a 4+3 offset. With its 1600 lb load rating, this is one of the strongest wheels available that has been tested and proven on the largest UTV racing circuits. The wheels come with forged, 6061 beadlock rings and grade 8 hardware to securely mount the bead of the tire to the wheel. The Tensor Regulator tire is a DOT approved, 8 ply rated tire that brings the technology and design of a truck tire to the UTV market. The Tensor Regulator feature a flatter, more square profile to ensure that more rubber is actually making contract with the ground. The Regulator is a steel belted radial tire that has shoulder lugs and a reinforced side wall to ensure traction, strength and durability no matter where you ride. When you combine the race proven performance of the Method 401 beadlocks with the innovative design of the Tensor tire, you truly have an unbeatable UTV wheel and tire package!

Additional Information

Weight 101 lbs


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