Polaris RZR Turbo S Driveline/Carrier Bearing Combo – 2019 – 4 seat

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Bundle and save with the Polaris RZR Turbo S Driveline & Carrier Bearing Combo! Finally you can solve one of the largest issues with the Polaris RZR’s drivetrain with our upgraded Driveline and Carrier Bearing Combo! Stop all vibration with a true phased and balanced driveline along with correcting the operating angle. This is the perfect solution for the smoothest ride possible!

Polaris RZR Turbo S Carrier Bearing GEN3 - 2019

Sandcraft Motorsports has once again raised the bar! With over 1 year of testing we are proud to announce the brand new GEN3 carrier bearing. We have created and patented this new design to be a GREASABLE bearing while having 3 layers of protection to keep dirt, sand, mud, and water out. Our all new auto set angle & 2 piece design will lower installation time dramatically. Auto set angle has never been easier. It allows you to press the bearing onto the shaft and install with minimal effort.

Side loading the bearing leads to pre-mature wear and failure. The auto set angle eliminates this from happening to your car. We are the ONLY COMPANY in the world with this design so don’t waste your time with the copycats.

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RZR Turbo S Upgraded Driveline (Sandcraft Carrier Bearing is Required) - 2019 - 4 seat

Rated 3 times stronger than stock our upgraded driveline consists of larger U-joints, yokes, larger diameter shafts with double the wall thickness than the stock/OEM drivelines from Polaris. When you operate your RZR over 40 MPH you are exceeding what the driveline is rated for, our driveline was engineered for your machines capabilities & much much more. (SANDCRAFT CARRIER BEARING NOT INCLUDED)

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Polaris RZR Turbo S Driveline/Carrier Bearing Combo – 2019 – 4 seat

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