Polaris RZR Turbo S Steering Rack Stabilizer

Sandcraft RCR’s patented Steering Rack Stabilizer alleviates stress on your stock steering rack, chassis, & entire steering system. This complete system protects the steering and directly bolts to the frame & OEM rack. The kit includes all hardware, chromoly tie rods, & FK heims to ensure Zero Failures. Proudly manufactured in the USA, our greasable design will be the last steering upgrade you will need for your UTV. PATENT # 9,783,224

● Alleviates stress on your rack, chassis, & complete steering system
● Kit includes all hardware, Chromoly tie rods, 17-4 Heat Treated Studs & 4130 teflon lined FK heims
● Complete system bullet proofs the steering system
● Directly bolts to the frame & OEM rack
● Increase strength & reliability while imporving steering wheel reaction time
● Manufactured at SANDCRAFT in the USA
● Decrease bump steer & steering wheel feedback
● Greasable design housing with double lipped seals to keep grease in and contamination out